Where Does Gold Come From? It Might Surprise You.

The origin of the gold is reduced to a complex chemical process which is not so easy to understand and which leads us far away from our world. When I say “far away” I mean to the stars, to the universe that surrounds us. Even though it may sound strange and fantastic, we can say that the gold is an alien mineral. But how can this be? The answer is easy.

Gold is a chemical element. This element needs to pass through different processes in order to reach the state of a precious metal. These processes are chemical reactions that need very high temperatures to take place, and these temperatures cannot be produced by the human hands, not even by the sun with all his energy. The only way these reactions can happen is when a star explodes and becomes a supernova. See the process in our video section here under “Supernova.” When a star reaches the end of its life it transforms into a supernova, a star of enormous proportions that ends with a huge explosion. But, the end of this star means the appearance of life in other solar systems, such as ours. In the core of that huge detonation, which is the result of an energy one million times higher than the one produced by our sun, is where all the heavy chemical elements that we know are formed, such as iron, gold, calcium, and so on. The explosion of a supernova means the expulsion of a great mass of radioactive waves. This waves can eradicate any kind of living being and life as we know it, but not everything is negative, because this explosion means the beginning of something new, a solar system, a nebula and so on. What we know by the name of Gold on Earth has its origins in the core of this enormous explosion. This explosion expels all the elements, which are originated in the core of the star, through the universe. So, the gold that we extract from the soil is even older than our sun and arrived to our planet through the expansive waves of the explosion of a supernova. According to the scientists and a study published in the magazine Nature, gold has arrived to our planet through a massive asteroid impact that the earth suffered after its formation.

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