Pantheism Path


Below is a suggested path to follow from the Blog: Naturalistic Pantheist Musings

The Path

The Path of Earth (Connection) –

  • Spend at least 30 minutes in Nature each week – meditating, observing and journaling.
  • Make three lifestyle changes annually that will benefit the environment.
  • Grow a plant or tree from seed.
  • Do something in service of the Earth or Community once per month e.g. beach clean.

The Path of Fire (Celebration) –

  • Celebrate the Solar,  Agricultural and Lunar Cycles (8 Festivals and Full/ Dark Moons).
  • Create and say some Daily Thanksgivings.
  • Get involved in a Pantheist community or start your own.
The Path of Air (Mysticism) –
  • Meditate for at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Learn a martial art e.g. Tai Chi or Yoga. Learn and do it twice weekly for 30 minutes each time.
  • Study Sceptical Buddhism and Philosophical Taoism and apply the insights to your life e.g. Mindfulness, Wu Wei (read “The Effortless Life” by Leo Babauta).
  • Create a family tree and remember your ancestors.

The Path of Water (Education) –

  • Keep a Journal and write in it daily, recording your spiritual journey and examining your day.
  • Study Stoicism and apply its insights to your life e.g. negative visualisation, self denial and understanding what’s in your control (read “A Guide to the Good Life” by William Irvine)
  • Learn the weekly facts (see below).

The Weekly Facts

Each week a Pantheist will study two things about Nature. This will help to develop an awareness and knowledge of the world.

Week 1 – Health

Body – Learn one thing about your body that will help to keep you fit and healthy either physically or mentally.

Plants – Learn the name of one local plant, flower or herb, how to identify it and its uses.

Week 2 – Re-wilding

Trees – Learn the name of one local tree, how to identify it in summer and winter and its uses.

Bush-craft – Learn one Bushcraft skill.

Week 3 – Ecology

Animal – Learn the name of one local animal, how to identify it, its habitat and food.

Bird – Learn the name of one local bird, how to identify it, its habitat and food.

Week 4 – Cosmos

Stars – Learn one star constellation and how to find it.

Clouds – learn one cloud formation, what it looks like and what it means for weather prediction.

Nature Meditation

Each Naturalistic Pantheist should spend at least 30 minutes a week in Nature, meditating, observing and journaling (part of the Path of Earth).

This could be as follows: –

  • Breath Meditation
  • Sense Meditation – what do we see, hear, feel, smell, taste
  • Elements Meditation – focus on the Earth, Air, Water, Fire/Energy
  • Quiet Observation – simply sit in non-judgment taking in all that is happening around us.
  • Focused Meditation – concentrating on one thing in Nature, observing it in detail.
  • Reflecting on our experiences and writing in our journal.

Each journal entry should also include – Date, Time, Location, Weather, Your Feelings/ Moods.

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